Welcome to the
Federal Court System

Welcome to the website of the Federal Court System

The Federal Court System is Gapla's judicial system, operated by the Ministry of Justice.

The highest court of law in Gapla is the Supreme Court. Disputes are only arbitrated here after deliberation in Courts of Dominion, unless if requested by a member of the National Assembly. Courts have the right to vote on the cases they will hear.

Each dominion court has a respective area of jurisdiction in which it has authority over. However, its authority is subject to that of the Supreme Court.

Here to submit a request?

To submit a request to the Court System for hearing, you will first need to contact your local dominion court, unless you are a member of the National Assembly. Either way, you should find information on how to file a case on the List of Courts page, where you can find the contact information for each respective court.

It is generally recommended that you seek legal assistance with a certified lawyer before you proceed to court. If you do not have one, the court should be able to help you with finding one.

If you need assistance with submitting a case, please email courts@gaplagov.org.